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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Happy Mabon!

Sep 21, 2010

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are still here. The start of the school year has set off Sparrow's condition and she is a little under the weather right now, but we promise that we'll get a show out as best as we can. I can't say when that might be, but hopefully not too much longer!

In the...

Aug 20, 2010

Hot fun in the fun in the summertime.......

Eh, Wigglians, how you doin'? Well, we hope that you are doing fine! How fine? Super Fine! Thank you so much for downloading the show!

Tonight's show features and interview with Wiccan priest ad pagan author, Jimahl Di Fiosa. Jimahl has three books...

Aug 2, 2010

Greetings listeners!

Thanks so much for downloading the show, we so glad that you have decided to spend a little time with us.

Tonight makes a couple of returns to The Wigglian Way, first off, Sparrow's hiatus is over and she's back! We'll be doing a couple PSA's and we'll hear alittle about Sparrow's trip to Ireland....

Jul 15, 2010

Well hello there, dearest listeners. It is will great joy that we present to you, The Wigglian Way Episode 71. Recorded in stereo!

Hey thanks everyone for dropping by and downloading the show, we're so glad that you are here! Things are a little strange in The Wigglian Way studio tonight as we present to you the...

Jun 28, 2010

Hey Hey Hey, Episode 70 is on the way! Thanks so much for downloading the show, we're so glad that you did. Thanks for waiting for us, sometimes......well, you know.

On tonight's show, we have an interview that I did last month with author Judy Harrow. Judy has written three books, Wicca Covens, Spiritual Mentoring...