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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Apr 11, 2014

This episode is jampacked. We have three interviews, crowdfunding news, protesters, and dear friends. 

Have you heard about Sir Mojo and his Quest for the Love Leaf? If not, and I am sure you haven't yet, have a listen to Mojo's interview with the lovely and multi-talented Heather Dale. Heather and Mojo chat about the Celtic Avalon crowdfunding campaign. 

Save the Bison in Yellowstone! That's exactly what our friend Comfrey Root did and continues to keep doing. I had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with Comfrey. He shares some of his incredble story. Tune and and if you can, do what you can to support the Buffalo Field Campaign

Have we got a surprise for you! A third interview. The other day Mojo had the chance to talk with our old friend Arthur Hinds. Arthur has some interesting things happening and for them to come to fruition, he has a Kickstarter campaign. Click here to hear all about the campaign. Support your Pagan artists! Without them we are doomed. 

The Feature Album is Holy Picnic by Aleppo Pine from Barcelona Spain. From that album we hear Magic Dolmen, Mystic Lady, and to conclude the show, Dead Garden. 

Our next selection is a song from one of this episode's guests, Arthur Hinds. From Arthur we hear Never Underestimate from Poetry of Wonder

To round out our musical selection for this show we present Sora with Scheherazade, from the cd, Scorpion Moon. Sora is performing at The Sun Wheel Arts Festival in Alberta, Canada. 

Finally, a request from Mojo and myself to help our friend Ckyle Hanson realise some dreams before he has finished here. Ckyle has been diagnosed with cancer that is inoperable and untreatable. He would like to visit Yellowstone Park and record a number of songs that he has written. Doing that costs money. Money that Ckyle doesn't and won't have without our help. He is a good, sweet, loving soul. If you can help with this, great. If you can't, fight cancer where and when you can. Ckyle has a crowdfunding campaign at gofundme

Blessed Be