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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jan 2, 2015

It seems we are on a roll. 

We hope you had a great holiday and that 2014 was a great year for you! 

At home for the holidays, Auntie Bunnie, stopped by the Wigglian Way studio to talk with us about the paper she wrote for her program at Canterbury. The program is called Myth, Cosmology, and the Sacred and is the only one of it's kind. Tune in to find out more...

Mojo thought that since Auntie is a classic Lady (been in the Craft for a long time) that we would play classic pagan music this episode. 

The Feature Album is Lady Isadora:Priestess of the Pentacle and from that we hear, Priestess of the Pentacle, Witches Brew Blues, and Wintery Skies

We also hear one of Sparrow's favourites from way back, Gypsy with Lady from the album Enchantress. To round out our musical selection for the episode, we have chosen for your enjoyment, Charlie Murphy and Jami Sieber with Calling on the Spirits from Canticles of the Light. 


Thank for walking The Wigglian Way!