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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Sep 21, 2016

This is our 34th Prime episode! This is happy episode number 139! If you get that then maybe, just maybe, you will understand the math geek that Sparrow truly is.

Welcome back, to The Wigglian Way! So glad you could make it.

We have what we think is a fun show for you this go around! First, Mojo has a chat with the ever enchanting Sharon Knight regarding Hexenfest and her upcoming tour with Winter. Of course, they are two of our favourite people and we always enjoy talking to them. Hope we see you soon Sharon and Winter! More about Sharon here. More about Winter here.

So, once there was a listener Katrina, and then we met her and she became one of Sparrow's dear friends, so we have her and her wife Trisha on this episode.  As many of you know, Sparrow's head blew up about two years ago and she suddenly became aware of a lot of things she wasn't aware of before. Stuff happens when that happens, and chances are, your life is going to change. All aspects of your life will change and one of those things is your magickal practice. Trisha, Katrina, and I (Sparrow) have a chat regarding sustainability in our magickal practice. Click on Katrina and Trish's names above for links to various writing and artistic pursuits.  

A little while ago, Kris, Mojo's mentor and teacher invited us to his local gig room for some live music. Of course, Kris played, and he had Calum Graham as a guest. That evening we knew that although Calum isn't pagan, that we would be featuring his music on the show. For you, we've chosen Tabula Rasa, Wild Woman, and one of the best covers of Billie Jean that we have collectively ever heard. Speaking of "collectively"....we may have a crush on Calum.

To complete the musical line up for this episode we have a pair of pagan classics. We hear Ravens by Gaia Consort from Gaia Circles and Sing the Stones by Spiral Dance from the album, Through a Sylvan Doorway.

Thanks for Walking the Wigglian Way. It's all about the Love.