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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Oct 9, 2020

Hello there! How are you keeping? We hope you are well. Mojo and I are both healthy and in positive spirits. 

Mojo has an extra bounce in his step these days especially and I think it may in part be due to sharing some time interviewing his first Witchcraft teacher, Cerridwen Fallingstar for the show.  They got to reminisce and also chat about Cerridwen's most recent book, Broth from the Cauldron. Ms. Fallingstar's latest is a  collection of "teaching" stories, a "literary wiccan soup for the soul". You can find Cerridwen and links to her many books at 

Mojo has a part in the book.  Once you've read it or heard it let us know what you think of her description of young witchlet Mojo on our Facebook page.  Inquiring minds want to know. 

Both Mojo and I couldn't believe that we hadn't played this Feature Album by now. It's one we enjoy quite often so it was actually shocking. That means we can't keep it from you any longer.  The Feature Album is the 2003 release The Hills They are Hollow, by our friend Damh the Bard. As is our way, the first song is the title track, The Hills They are Hollow. It's so soon, and I am so excited, we HAD to play Samhain Eve. The last of the three songs to complete the feature is Merlin am I. That last song often just starts playing in my head when I am walking in the forest. A wonderful way to spend a jaunt. 

I get all fangirl when Mojo finally plays one of his own songs on the show. As we are all mostly stuck and home and many of us are in urban settings, we thought City Magick by Chalice & Blade would be perfect for this episode. We can be magick everywhere. 

Rest in Power Eddie, Hail and Farewell. Blessed Be.