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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Oct 27, 2010

Happy Samhain everybody! Let the party season begin! Thank you so much for downloading the show, we hope that you like it!

We have recieved alot of email regarding Sparrow's desire to become a doula, she shares a few of them with you this evening.

We end the show with Mythic Voices, as tonight we hear two Orphic Hymns, one to Pluto and one to Porsephine.

No feature album tonight, but we do have some choice songs to play.

It wouldn't be a Wigglian Samhain without hearing from our first two artists, Godsmack and Alice Cooper, so we get the music started with No Rest for the Wicked from Godsmack 4 and Steven from Welcome to my Nightmare.

Our second set kicks off with a yet to be finished, Valhalla,  and a funky little song from 1969, Black Widow's Come to the Sabbat.

We've also found the owner of the Magickfolk CD that was discovered here. Although we forget to mention it during the show, we end the night off with Magickfolk's Angel.

Podkin Love!

Have a safe and happy Samhain! Thanks for everything you do for us, it's been another great turn of the wheel!