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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Oct 17, 2011

Welcome Wigglians, one and all, to Episode 89, thanks for downloading the show, we are so glad that you did! Hope that the Autumn has been good and the harvest bountiful!

Tonight we talk about the American Council of Witches, you remember them, the ACW came up with The Thirteen Priciples of Wiccan Beliefs, back in the 70's. Word is, they are getting back together....

Corey and Laine over at New World Witchery (Episode 35) posed a question, "Why Witchcraft?" We answer as best we can.....

Tonight's Feature Album is the 1990 release by Gypsy, Enchantress, a pagan classic! We hear Magic and Heaven's Gift (for baby Jakey). We end the show with the title track, Enchantress.

I have a little music news of my own, I have finally released Valhalla! Podkin, if you would like a copy for your show, just send an email. We start to get into the season with Wild Hunt from Chalice and Blade, does the Wild Hunt ride for you?

My PodSis is back! Under One Moon, new from Effy Wild!

Thanks again, for downloading the show and for everything that you do for us! Talk to you soon!