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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Dec 19, 2011

Episode 92 is dedicated to the memory of Danelle Dragonetti aka. WinterHawk.

WinterHawk was the founder of WPBN; the Wiccan Pagan Broadcast Network, founder and co-host of Full Circle the first online pagan program that I ever heard.  Long before there were podcasts, there was WinterHawk and Full Circle. She was a musician and recording engineer and a pagan media pioneer.

Tonight's first music set is also dedicated to WinterHawk.

Dionysus by WychKraft and Hymn to Herne by Sooj, both songs featuring WinterHawk as both player and producer.

Thank you, Danelle, you blazed a trail for the rest of us to follow.


Thank you everyone for downloading the show, we are so glad that you did.

Tonight, Sparrow updates us on some new research being done at Newgrange and we talk about book religion vs. traditional religion.

Shamans, Sorcerers and Saints by B. Hayden

Feature album is From the Mist...a retrospective (2010) by Spiral Dance. We play Holly Lord and Burning Times and we end the show with Voodoo Bayou.

PodKin Love!

Have a cool Yule everyone, please be careful out there!