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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Oct 19, 2009

I walk with the Wigglians, the Wigglians, they walk with me!

Greeting fellow Wigglians, welcome to Episode 58, we are so glad that you have downloaded the show, thanks. We hope that you enjoy it. This show, it's all about the Crone! First we talk a bit about the Crone archetype then in the final segment we take on the Cailleach.

This episode's feature album is from Kellianna, I Walk With the Goddess from 2007. We hear the title track, I Walk With the Goddess and Ancestor's Song. We finish the show with Kali-Ma. We also hear Liquid Moon from Trillian Green and Rain Gods from Kan'Nal.

The Witchy Godmother has a new site, check it out here.

Two new pagan podcasts out there in the podosphere give them a listen...

Spiritscast with Feithline Stuart
Witchmix with Meena

Podkin Love!

You guys Rock! Thanks for all the emails, and votes at podcast alley and the comments here at the show site. you make us feel all warm and tingly inside! Thanks.