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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jan 25, 2010

Ta Dah!

Here is Episode 64, hot off the presses. We're so glad that you have taken the time to download our show, thank you so much!!

I have about 5 minutes this morning to do show notes, damn mundane job, don't they kow that I have Wigglian Work to do.

In tonight's show, we finish off our book interview with everybody's favorite witchy uncle, Fritz Muntean.

Feature album, the 2003 release by Parnassus, First Degree. From First Degree we hear, Destiny and Late at Night and we end the show with Nothing Remains (The Initiation Song)

Also tonight we hear from Kellianna with Warrior Queen and Akashik with Firedance.

New Podcasts out there, Welcome to the Family!

Gaia the Witch

Crimson Tapestries with Symbian

New World Witchery with Cory and Laine

Hedgefolk Tales featuring The Lovely Sarah! That's right, TLS now has her own show, good job Baby!

PodKin Love!

Thank you so much for making The Wigglian Way such a fantasic journey!