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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Oct 16, 2012

We told you we have an interview with a BNP and here it is! Well, the first part anyway. Sparrow was lucky enough to get to chat with M. Macha Nightmare. It was fun and educational. Macha and Sparrow discuss history of the Craft and Change. 

Mojo and Sparrow want to make sure that everyone knows that if YOU are being bullied, talk to someone. If you don't have anyone, talk to us. Bullying is a waste of time. Don't do it. 

We also want to let the world know that our friend, Peter Paddon and his lovely partner Linda, are on their way to living a "normal" life again. Peter suffered a massive heart attack but through his strength in conjunction with prayer/energy/love/spells from all around the planet he is alive and "good to go". Thanks for sticking with us Peter! 

The Western Gate Samhain Festival is this weekend in Kelowna. If you can, try to make it out. There aren't many festivals this time of year and I hear this one is going to be good. 

The Feature Album for Episode 107 is the second disc, Through a Sylvan Doorway, by Spiral Dance. We hear Witches Tree, Sing the Stones, and Feet of Clay

We also hear from our lovely and beautiful friends, Jenna Greene and Kellianna. From Jenna we hear Harvest from the Crossroads album. From Kellianna we hear Sparrow's favourite Kellianna tune, Autumn Wind from I Walk with the Goddess


Thanks for walking The Wigglian Way!