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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jul 13, 2013

We've come to the end of our hiatus. Thank you for all your kind words and the love that you sent while we have been going through this difficult time. Your love and support has meant so much to Mojo and I. 

The Wigglian Way missed Pagan Values month but we did want to weigh in, so in this episode we talk about Forgiveness. We all will have to forgive or be forgiven at some point and how does that affect our spirituality? Of course,  we will give a brief review of Sun Wheel Pagan Arts Festival. It's difficult to give an unbiased account so we don't. Too many amazing friends! 

Mojo and I take this time to thank Devin Hunter for all the work he has done on the Modern Witch podcast. Devin, remember that if/when you are ready to come back to podcasting you will be welcomed back with open arms. This we know. 

Speaking of friends, we got to spend an entire weekend with Sooj and Ryan. As a surprise Betsy showed up at Chez Wigglian to perform with Sooj. 

While we were on hiatus we were lucky enough to receive A LOT of music in the mail. Snail mail. A LOT. 

To kick off the sharing of what we've received,  our Feature Album is Last Call by The Secret Commonwealth. In our first break we have Man Overboard and One Shot. To end the show we will hear Dubhachas (I'll Dream of Times Like This)

In our second break we hear from Myth Magic, Dragonfly, by Kan'nal and The Greenman by Michelle Mays from The Golden Section. 

Thanks for walking The Wigglian Way!