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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Sep 5, 2013

AND...We're back, and a bit silly. 

Thank you all for being so patient and supporting us through these difficult times. In this episode we catch you all up with what's been happening in our lives. There is a very happy announcement that we make in this episode about a friend and TWW contributer (actually, a bit closer even that that) so stay tuned. 

We get all fancy and philosophiser like with our friend, Dr. Brendan Myers. Classing up the show some. Brendan, I CAN and I WILL call you DOCTOR if I please. You've earned it. 

WE HAVE NEW MUSIC AND WE ARE SHARING IT WITH YOU! Three of our favourite ladies have recently released new albums. The Feature Album this episode comes from Miss Bekah. That's miss Bekah Kelso to be exact. Bekah's new album is called Within the Shifting Shade. It is so very very good. From that album we hear Grey's not Easy, Love Who I Love, and In the Blue.  

Sharon Knight and Winter rock our socks with Fire in the Head from the newly remastered and released Neofolk Romantique V2. To round out the musical selection of some of our wonderful friends, is Kellianna. Kelliana, you made me cry with Danny Boy (scroll down the page after clicking the link to listen to more songs) from Traditions. Seriously Woman? Was that your point? 

Oh Wigglian Nation, we do so love you! We love that you've stuck by us and are here for us to make a show for. It's all about the Love. Don't let anyone tell you different!