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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jun 1, 2015

May has been an incredibly busy month and we are so excited about what's to come in the Wigglian World. 

We have for you today Episode 132. Our guests are Sable Aradia and Damh the Bard

Sable joins us once again  to share some of her current pursuits with us. One of the many pursuits is the release of her book The Witch's 8 Paths of Power. I would recommend this book for your sacred library. We hope to have you on the show again soon, Sable. 

I just love Mojo's current interview style where he has the artists tell us stories about how the songs came to be. I don't know what that style is called but it is engaging. Damh the Bard joined Mojo via Skype to talk about Sabbat, which is our Feature Album.  This is a beautiful album and thank you for making it, Damh. From Sabbat we hear the title track, Sabbat, as well as Scarborough Faire, and to complete the show Thundersbarrow Hill. Wait to you learn about Scarborough Faire!

We also have a "mini" Feature Album addtion from SJ Tucker,  just because she is THAT great. From Stolen Season, just because we can't get enough. we hear Dream of Mississippi and Sultry Summer Night. I will tell you that even though I was in Mississippi in December it was still hot and sultry. Loved it. 

Mojo and I would like to share with you that we, along with our coven, have started a new Tradition. It is The Wigglian Tradition of Wicca. This is going to be a wonderful journey and we are so glad that you all are always a part of it. 


It's all about the Love!