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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Apr 13, 2016

Welcome back, to The Wigglian Way!

This is take two. I wrote the most amazing show notes EVER. Then technology happened. For those of you who use libsyn, you know that it does not save your text. Be that as it may, The Show Must Go On and so much the show notes.

We were super stoked and excited to have an interview with Jenna Greene and Kellianna about their newly released album, Fairy's Love Song. Kellianna and Jenna came together as a duo under the name Lady Moon to create this lovely traditional album. One of my all time favourite tunes is on the album AND on this episode. Black is the Colour completes the show, but before that we hear Fhir A'Bhata (Fair a Vata) and Siuil a Run. Mojo and I are pretty certain you will enjoy this cd. Thank you Ladies!

For the first time ever on The Wigglian Way we hear the Italian band Ison. They have named their group after a style of music that has slow moving vocals, often used in Byzantine chant. It is an interesting style of music and from the album Venison we hear Revenant.

Sharon Knight and Winter have recently released Portals and it is FANTASTIC. From Portals we enjoy Conjurer. Sssshhh don't tell anyone but it's our feature album for our next episode.

Thank you for joining us here on the Wigglian Way. It's all about the Love. We love sharing with you, our friends and listeners. Happy Spring Everyone!