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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jun 9, 2011

Over hill over dale, the Wigglian Love, will not fail!

Hey everybody, thanks for downloading the show, welcome to Episode 84! Due to the length of Episode 83, we've shortened up this show by one segment, but we do out best to pack as much Love in as we can! Tonight, we talk about "Don't call me a (inset label)!"

Tonight's feature album is from the mega-talented, fellow Canadian, Heather Dale! Take a listen as we spin tracks from Heather's latest release, 2010's Avalon. From Avalon we hear The Prydwen Sails Again and Mordred's Lullaby. We end off the show with Tristan and Isolt.

PodKin Love! Just wanted to send out a special shout out to The Wicked Podcast, that's right, Storm and Sorcha are back! Storm and Sorcha were part of the early days of pagan podcasting and were a huge inspiration for me to begin The Wigglian Way, so welcome back! (News of their return happened after we recorded this episode.....)

Thanks again, everyone, for sticking with us! Sparrow's move is complete and we hope to get back onto a more regular schedule, stay tuned!