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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Dec 13, 2008


Hail Wigglians! Thanks so much for downloading the show. After a month away, we're back in the saddle!

Tonight prompted by some listener email, we talk about herbology and inter faith-marriages. Two of the links that were used for reference are here and here.

Tonight's feature album is Metamorphoses by Seattle based Trillian Green. We saw them at FaerieWorlds, what a great set they did. They will be playing the Good Faeries Ball on Jan. 30/09, in Eugene, OR. From Metamorphoses we hear, Gasworks and Kudzu and we end the show with Kuruk Setra.

During the second set of music we get our Yuletide started with Winter Born King, from Castalia's In Plain Sight and Light is Returning from Canticles of Light by Charlie Murphy and Jami Sieber.

Here's some SJ Tucker news for everyone. She has an up coming gig on Dec. 31 in Oklahoma City and she'll be here in the Pacific Northwest playing with Tricky Pixie at the Bad Faerie's Ball, Jan. 31 in Eugene, OR. We are planning to be in the house for that one! You can also take a trian ride with Sooj! March 19-23, listen for more details! Also yet more exciting news on the SJ front, she is now working on a new tour called The Traveling Fates.

Thanks so much for all the emails, votes and comments! This has been an incredible year for us and it's all due to you! We are truely Blessed!

It's all about the Love!