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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

May 13, 2009

Hello Wigglians!!!!

Episode 50 is here, can you dig it! We're pumped up over here, 50 episodes, we can barely believe it! Thank you so much for downloading the show......

Tonight we rap about our Beltaine experiences and get into some listener email. Mojo also drags his drum out of storage and we try and get you ready for the up coming festival season by going over a couple of chants, that's right a return of Chant O' the Show!

Feature album tonight is by Trinity Demask with her new release Crucible. From Crucible we hear Prayer of Intention and This I Can Do and we finish the show of with Black Braid.

We also hear Avalon by Third Road Home, from the album Venus in Retrograde and Freya Shakti live from Fire in the Head our good friends Emerald Rose.

Podkin Love!

50 episodes of listening to us thank you the listener for downloading our little labour of love. Are ya ready for another 50, cause we're good to go!!!!!!

It's all about the Love!!