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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Dec 30, 2009


It's the end of the decade as we know it and we feel fine!!! OK OK, so maybe the end of the decade for you isn't till next year, in that case, we'll celebrate it again next year, just for you!

Thank you so much for downloading the show, spending a little time with us during this busy season is truly a blessing to us, thank you.

On this, our 18th show of the year, we go over some listener and spend just a few minutes reflecting on the year.

Tonight's feature album is the 2005 release, Tangles, by SJ Tucker! SOOJ! (This is actually the only SJ album that we have featured this year, by the way.) From Tangles, we hear Pixie Can't Sleep and Baba Yaga and we end the show with Mary Mary.

SOOJ NEWS! There is a new Sooj track available and we've got it and we're gonna play it for you tonight! The new track is called Were-Owl, and you can buy it now. Since we're already playing 4 of Sooj's songs, we might as well make it a whole show of Sooj, from Tales From the Road, we hear Rain Falls Hard, which is also on Tangles, by the way...

Old shows coming back!!!! Welcome home!!!! PodKin Love!!!!

Eat My Pagan Ass

Lance and Graal

We've had another great year doing The Wigglian Way, thanks to you! Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us this year, every comment, every vote, every listen, every goosebump, every shiver, every tingle, thank you. We'll see you next year!  xoxoxoxox

It's all about the Love!