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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jul 19, 2016

Spread that Love like Budda!

This world is a whole lot of whack lately. It reminds me of the old phrase, "Stop the planet, I want to get off". For realz.

Mostly on this episode we are catching up as we've been away for a bit. Lots has happened and it's pretty transformative. Change is good, right?

Before we get to the music for the show I'd like to tell you a secret. Lean in. Mojo and I are going to CalderaFest Pagan Music Festival 2017 in Lafayette, Georgia! We are so excited. It's still over a year away but that gives us lots of time to plan. David, of the Magick Jukebox contacted Mojo last month and they worked something out. We will get to see old friends and meet new ones. Our favourite past time. We also got a little code to "sweeten the pot" so to speak. When Wigglian Way listeners use the code "net2017" they will get 5% off their ticket price. We will get a little kickback as well which will help us on the approximately 40 hour epic drive from Vancouver, Canada to Lafayette, Georgia.

You know who I think we will get to see at CalderaFest 2017? Or hoping anyway, it's too early to know. Well, that would be Sharon Knight. Today on the show we feature Sharon's album Portals. I love me some sexy Sharon music. The three songs are, Crimson Masquerade, Scent of Your Skin, and Trail of Prayer. 

I believe that I might have heard that Tuatha Dea might be playing CalderaFest as well. From their self titled album we hear The Sky is Falling. It certainly feels like it.

A band that likely won't be playing CalderaFest 2017 is Emerald Rose. They are retiring at the end of this year after over two decades of inspiring us with divine tunes. Thank you for the music, Emerald Rose.  From Emerald Rose....Never Underestimate.


Thank you for spending your time with us. It's all about the Love.