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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Feb 22, 2017

Hello Wigglians! We just had the opportunity to interview two fantastic Red Wheel/Weiser authors and they are ready to go for Episode 143 of The Wigglian Way.
First, I spoke with Courtney Weber who wrote the most useful (to me) tarot book yet. It's called Tarot for One. There are exercises for you to do to better know yourself and tarot. The second interview is with the writer of Love Magic, Lilith Dorsey. Considering how Wigglians feel about love magic in general, this book is a keeper. Not only does Lilith have great spells for all kinds of love, she discusses the ethics of love magic, which to us, is quite important.
Our Feature Album for this episode Meredead, by Leaves Eyes. We hear:
1. Meredead
2. Velvet Heart
3. Spirit's Masquerade
We also hear 2 Know, 2 Will, 2 Dare, 2 Rock from the album Tip My Cup to the Gods, by Witch's Mark. To complete the musical part of the show we have Pandemonaeon (so sexy) with Lover's Pardon from Dangerous Beauty.
You are all Wigglian Dangerous beauties and we love you! Thanks for listening.