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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Oct 16, 2018

This just might have been the most eventful 8 months of either of our lives. We are both so happy to be working our way back into the groove. One of those steps is jumping back into something that we love and that is The Wigglian Way.

On this Episode we share a little bit about what we have been going through this last year. 

One constant has been our friends Jillan and Kris. Kris Schulz, you may remember is Mojo's guitar mentor and close friend. Kris has been fighting his own physical battles, but has recently released Chasing the Light. From Chasing the Light we hear Chasing the Light, A Warm Blanket for Sheila, and Tomorrow the Sun Will Shine. Thank you Jillian and Kris for everything! 

There sure have been a lot of storms lately. To mark that, we play Let the Waters Rise by Sharon Knight, from Portals. We complete our musical line up with Call to the Rain by Arthur Hinds from the Radiant Brow