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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Feb 12, 2012

Two steps forward and one back? The closer we get to Episode 100 the harder it is to see. We will get there. It's only 5 episodes. It's bound to happen. Right? Right? Right! 

We talk about the busy month that February is turning out to be for us. For such a short month it sure has a lot packed into it. Sparrow's segment is quaintly named, "clothing/modesty/misogyny/slut whore topic"...and is a rant against the word SLUT. We discuss about many workshops and lectures that are available at Pantheacon, in San Jose, this year and which ones we'd like to go to. We leave in just a few days. 

The feature album for tonight's episode is, As Nature Intended, by Damh the Bard. It's a live unplugged album and we LOVE it! From the album we hear Pagan Ways, Gently Johnny, and The Hills they are Hollow. Alexander James Adams, Sharon Knight, and T.Thorn Coyle will all be at Pantheacon so we share some of their music with you on Episode 95. From Alec we hear Blood and Passion from Balance of Nature. From Sharon and Thorn's album Songs for the Strengthening Sun we hear Joys of Springtime

The Sun IS strengthening. If we all sing, laugh, dance, and love LOUD the Sun will return. Summer will come again. 

Speaking of summer, we have our first summer festival announcement! The Sun Wheel Pagan Arts Festival, June 29th to July 2nd, just outside of Edmonton, Alberta!

Thanks for visiting with us and for downloading the show. Thanks for walking The Wigglian Way!