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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

Jul 9, 2008

Welcome Wigglians, thanks for downloading the show, we're so glad that you are here.

On tonights episode, Sparrow continues her 101 segment with a look at magickal blades and we present another chapter of Mythic Voices; tonight we read the Enuma Elish, the Babylonian Epic of Creation.

We're looking forward to our trip to the FaerieWorlds Festival, we hear from two of the artists that will performing. SJ Tucker, from her Sirens album we here The Drowning and Go Away Godboy. From Secret Voices by Gaia Consort we hear Blood and Secret Voices.

Mucho love to the podkin!

Thanks again for downloading the show, for the comments and votes at Podcast Alley, but mostly, thanks for just being you.